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Out of the Box Architecture, LLC working with  Schoenrock Sons, Inc. have the professional staff, construction superintendents and craftsmen to provide a full range of construction or construction management services.

Specializing in ecclesiastical design, a discipline which involves a wide variety of functions in addition to worship, Out of the Box Architecture has the opportunity to test our skill in many facets of the profession. 

Detailed site analysis is required to efficiently coordinate the relationships between parking and site circulation.  Worship, music, fellowship and assembly space, recreational areas, administrative offices, classrooms, storage and support areas all have their peculiar requirements and present unique challenges to the designer.

We continuously track the actual cost of construction, and compare with the estimated cost of construction.  This is a tremendous advantage to the client, whether we are acting as architect, master builder, or construction manager.

We are proud of our projects, which have effectively shown that excellence in design may be achieved, even on restricted budgets.  

The type of construction varies.  It may be building renovation, an addition to an existing structure, a totally new facility on a new site, or a combination of these types.

In each case, we feel Out of the Box Architecture's distinctive approach will serve the client in the way most suited to their needs, responding to the design, construction and budgetary parameters, resulting in an outstanding solution.