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Design Concepts

As an architect, Steve Erban holds a firm belief in the adage "form follows function."  Providing well-designed spaces to accommodate the varied activities of each client requires an understanding of functional flow and the multiple uses of space.  This attitude, that a building must function well before the physical form is developed, is key to the design process.

Thinking "green" before the term became popular, Steve has designed and built churches with heat sinks, passive solar, earth berms, gardens and vegetation roofs.

The selection of materials will tend toward the use of natural elements.  Stone, brick, wood and naturally lighted garden spaces all are commonly used.  These careful choices result in the characteristically warm, inviting atmosphere that has been developed throughout Steve's projects.

Energy efficient design, construction techniques and systems, as well as the possible utilization of simple design features such as earth berming, passive solar heating, and heat sinks, have contributed to successful design solutions.  

A familiarity with building systems (structural, mechanical, electrical), is another key to a cost effective, energy efficient building.  Expertise in this area, which comes from years of experience, will result in a building which is quickly and economically constructed.

One of the tenets of the OUT OF THE BOX design philosophy is the belief that each project, regardless of size, merits a substantial amount of personal attention.  The quality and individuality that stems from this attitude is a unique characteristic of buildings designed by OUT OF THE BOX ARCHITECTURE.